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"I want my writing to be like the swinging of banana leaves cutting up the blue sky above my head"     (L.M. Noé)   in Poems of the Instant  2020




Let's play at riddles first :


- Do you know who this man is ? It's a photo by Baron Wolman/conic images for the magazine , Esquire in 1968.

It was also released in Telerama  3521, dated  July 5th 2017.

Send your answer in "commentaires"  below the article. 

Thank you for your interest.


The writer, in front of his ranch in Montana with his daughter in 1980

The writer, in front of his ranch in Montana with his daughter in 1980

You now have at least two tips to find out who he is.

But let's discover and explore one of his writing.  This wonderful writer called his poems, paper flowers with love and death.  

I'll give you the name of the collection book where you can find this poem and so many others, all of them disconcerting and questioning poetry and literature. 



Lonny is

two years old.



she and I




I didn't know

what she was

whispering about,

and she didn't 

know what I was

whispering about.


We whispered

very softly,

and acted as if

we understood 

each other



Can you hear the sound of the  "s" like a soft song ?

Have you guessed now the name of this poet ? 



My daily writing workshop :

Write a very simple poem just like this one. 

1) Choose a moment of the day when you met someone (a child, a loved one, a neighbour, somebody in the street, or an animal) and choose a consonant (m, p, t, s ... ) reflecting  the idea, the atmosphere of this meeting. Was it a soft moment ? a disturbing moment ?  a violent one ?

Collect a few words with the same consonance  and build your idea with simplicity.


2) You can also try a translation of the poem in French,  making this ordinary moment with Lonny a very special moment.


3) Send your creation (a photo of the moment, a drawing, a poem in prose or free verses (in English, French),  in "commentaires " at the end of the article or to my mail box : plauranice@gmail.com. Explore the possibilities and make it your own writing. Live this moment.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you.

Writing makes your life more poetic, and magnifies any ordinary moment ... Try it !


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